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Does everything work the way it should?

  • Is there any rust on the body?
  • Any paperwork for recent maintenance?
  • How's the paint, is it in good condition?
  • Does the engine have any leaks?
  • Are the wheels damaged or do they look good?
  • Have there been any accidents?
  • Do you have good thread left on the tires
  • Is there any cracks in the windshield?

Schedule an inspection with us

where are you?

We’ll pick up your vehicle or you can drop it off to us

Our licensed techs will perform a rigorous 200-point inspection and get it Listed-accredited.

We’ll also take professional photos of your car and put it on your listing.

Once your vehicle passes we’ll make it available for everyone to see

No need to worry…

We know you’re busy, we’ll handle it from here

Our team will be busying trying to pair your car with a new home. In the meantime, keep driving it until it’s sold.

Don’t fret, if we can’t find a buyer in 60 days than we’ll gladly take it off your hands

It’s time to part ways…

We’ll handle the payment and the paperwork

No need for cheques
We’ll deposit the money right into your bank account

We drop off our vehicles
straight to their new homes doorstep

Who are

Listed inspectors?

Those guys are awesome!

They’re like superheroes waiting for the Listed Sign.

All our inspectors have formal technical training
from accredited institutions, and have years of experience on the field.

Rigorous in house Training

Junior inspectors are paired with a lead inspector for 100+ hours before working on their own.

They will go


We’ll inspect your car wherever it is. Our inspector will need to meet you prior to starting inspection, to verify that you are indeed the owner of the car. We’ll need to see your driver’s license, and the car’s registration and title (if you have it). Once those formalities are out of the way, feel free to retire back to Netflix, or whatever other important business you have to tend to. Inspections typically last 1.5 hours, but you’re welcome to stick around and ask questions if you feel more comfortable.

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Pick out your vehicle

Then, tell us where you are

Your Listed-accredited car will come ready to go, you just need to hop into the seat and drive

For your peace of mind, our cars come with:

90 day warranty

10-day money back guarantee,
no questions asked

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