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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to sell my car?

Our team works continuously to try and pair your vehicle up with a new owner. There are many factors that affect the time it takes to sell your vehicle. If after 90 days your vehicle hasn’t sold, the inspection and reports are for you to keep.

What happens during the inspection?

Our Listed auto technicians do a rigorous 200-point inspection that includes aesthetic and mechanical check to assess your vehicle. We also do a road test to make sure that the vehicle is safe and in working condition for you and the potential buyer.

Can you do the inspection at my home?

Absolutely! Just tell us where you are and one of our certified mechanics will come straight to you. It’s as easy as a few clicks away!

Inspecting and selling my car is free? How do you guys make money?

Yes! Sellers get their cars inspected for free!

We cover our costs by having a small markup on the transaction between the buyer and seller. It is the difference between the guaranteed price a seller gets the price a buyer pays, it helps cover the cost of inspection, handling, warranty, the list goes on…

What if the buyer returns the vehicle before the 10-day grace period?

Once we find a buyer, and help complete the transaction you’re done. The money you get is yours.

Listed offers a 10-day money back guarantee, and if the buyer decides to return it for any reason, Listed will take it back and store it until a new buyer is interested.

How do you price my car?

We analyze market data from multiple sources such as Canadian Black Book, real-world market data, as well as our own matrix to offer you a fair true market value for your car.

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